Sharings from Vern - Part 1



For years now, my question has always been CAN MAN CREATE HIS OWN DESTINY? And I continue to see 3
statements always in operation, along with other finite principles, because of
space, will not be clarified at this time. Men and women from Genesis1 through
today have been creating their own destinies through these (3) statements: CHANGE, FOCUS, and GROWTH.

Do you want your life to be better than it is right now at this present time? In other words, if you desire to see your
life different than the way it is right now, what are you willing to give up to see it come to pass? You can not look to other people, they are an aid to your
destiny and they may fail you. You can not rely on things. They are a help to you, but they too many fail you. People with the desire to succeed in this
life, a desire to create a better environment for themselves, or to see their destiny come to pass with fulfillment and joy, they go beyond desire. They go
from desire to determination to see their destiny come to pass.

How can this, what we desire, turn into our destiny? For (1) thing, you already have the desire, or want, to create your
own destiny. God has called us to grab hold of our inheritance that He has promised us, when we received Jesus as our Savior and then to be Lord of our
life. When we received Jesus and His work of the cross at Calvary, we have
received many promises. We have, also, been given many titles (sons and
daughters, priests and kings, joint-heirs, ambassadors, ministers, etc.) and
positions (to come boldly to the throne of God, to sit together with Him in
heavenly places, etc.) with the ability, equipping and power to create. God has
called us to be in His image and likeness, to call those things to be not as
though they were; to see all our possibilities, to see all our desires come to
pass. It will become our destiny. It
is our responsibility to fulfill our destiny. God expects, which is the desire
of His heart, that our destiny, come to complete fulfillment with joy
unspeakable and full of His Glory.

This can only come into view when we decide
to CHANGE what we are doing, not
doing our own thing, but do what the Word of God (the Bible) encourages us to
do. We need to FOCUS on the Kingdom
of God and not the things of this world. We need to expect a GROWTH of maturity in our spirit, soul,
body, financial, and social, (to be made whole in every area of our life)
according to God’s standard of life and not the world around us.

We need to have the concept that not
everything of this world is for our good, but everything was made good in this
world for us to use and thereby to succeed. We need to determine in our hearts
that the only good thing for us is God our Father, through Jesus Christ His son,
and He only desires good for us. As our heavenly Father, similar to our earthly
father, spiritually, we have His nature and His character residing on the
inside of us to create and enhance this world. Not only making it possible to
fulfill the prayer Jesus imparted to us, “Thy
will be done on earth as it is in
heaven”, but making this world a better place for everyone around us, also
fulfilling the Law of Love, which is, “love
your neighbor as yourself”. The
1st is, of course, “to love
God with all your heart, soul and strength”.

By seeking first the Kingdom of GOD and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, all these things will be added unto you. What
things? Our desires: our DESTINY.
God would not have put a dream into our hearts, if He did not want it to come
to pass. The only way our destiny and dreams will come to pass is by renewing
our mind; to CHANGE our FOCUS and GROWTH in the things of God. We must make quality decision to CHANGE our actions, attitude, motives,
purpose and thoughts to align up with the Word of God. We have to determine to FOCUS our eyes on God and His
perception of living.

To help us in our GROWTH, as children of God, I have listed (4) things every child of
God desires to do:

1) Have an intimate fellowship with God (a
drawing to prayer).

2) Read the Holy Bible (which is God’s Word
to mankind).

3) Meet with people that love to talk about
God and live a godly life (going to a Bible believing church).

4) Get involved in a community bible Study
and share your experience of living the revelation you received from God.

will always occur in our lifestyle and character when we FOCUS on God’s Word. GROWTH
will automatically occur when we CHANGE
and align up to God’s Word; responding naturally without question or
disobedience, but respond in and with cheerfulness and with great joy. GROWTH is what is expected in our
integrity, honor and character. GROWTH,
to be like our Father which is in heaven. GROWTH,
with signs and wonders to follow like His son, Jesus Christ.

If you desire and determine to be like your
heavenly Father, then say this after me,

“Father, I’ve
missed it. I’ve left You and Your Kingdom for my own desires and selfishness. I
know you sent Jesus to come after me, to bring me home to you. Jesus, “Forgive
me” of all my sins and bring me back t the Father. Jesus, thank you for
forgiving me of all the wrong things I’ve done against the Father. Father,
thank you, for forgiving me and letting me come back home.”

Now, let the love of God start working on
your behalf and see your dreams and destiny come to pass.

May the Grace and Peace of the Lord Jesus
Christ be with you until the End of the Ages.

By Rev. LaVern