Fresh Manna


When LaVern and I had our church we did what we called “Fresh Manna!” Each week two people shared a scripture and one WORD that has a meaning to them that
they keep in their hearts and speak it out to those that the Lord brings in their paths. After the two people shared, we as a congregation put the two words together to see what the Lord is saying to us as a body of believers. I would like to share some that I dug out from an old article of mine.

Psalm 18:2…..ROCK

Proverbs 3:4…..FAVOR

When we have God as our Rock, then we have favor!

Luke 18:18 … INTENT

John 14:17 …..PEACE

If our intent is right with God, we will have peace and joy!

Romans 8:38 …LOVE

Romans 14:12 & 13 ….STUMBLING BLOCKS

Love has not stumbling blocks!

I encourage you to find your “Fresh Manna” for the day. God desires for us to always be fresh in the WORD, fresh in the SPIRIT, so we are able vessels to be used for the harvest field.

God’s peace and joy to you all!

Sandra Burdick