Listen And Respond


It seems like we are living in times where people are searching for something, but they do not know what it is they are searching for. In America we are living at a time when the economy is doing well. Usually during these times, people do not search for God. I have noticed a hunger in people’s hearts and they do not even know what they are hungering for. Some have made it to the top and still are not satisfied. When is enough money enough! Some are searching for love and romance in all the wrong places to meet that longing they are trying to fulfill. Some head towards the bottle or pills or whatever will give them that high and find themselves empty. They try to fill that void and show up hallow, empty and alone.

What are they searching for? They are searching for that void in their life that only God can fulfill. God has called us (Christians) to help reach those that are void and
without God. We are called to witness to those that are searching. You might be saying, “Well I don’t know anyone that is searching?” Then you, my dear friends, have not taken the time to listen.

I hear it all around me. I hear it from my neighbors, my relatives, my friends at the mission and at church. You and I are to prepare the way. The way to where? The way to
their salvation! What does the word salvation mean anyway? We think of it as the Atonement, and it is. It also means much more then that. It is what God is calling us to do. The word salvation means in the Hebrew dictionary as the word Yshuwah (yeshooaw) meaning something saved, deliverance, hence aid, victory, prosperity: health help (ing), salvation, save, saving (health) and welfare. Now, that is salvation!

Do you know someone who needs saving? How are we to save them? First, by listening to them. What are they saying? The Bible say’s in Luke 6:45 “…out of the abundance
(overflow) of the heart his mouth speaks.” Whatever is in a man’s heart that is what will come out of his mouth.

I make it a practice to listen to what my neighbor’s, my relatives’, my friend’s and those around me that I come in contact with, are saying. Usually, that will identify
their need. I want to meet their need. Don’t you? That is exactly what Jesus did when he walked the face of the earth. He was a need-meader.

Make it a practice to start using the art of listening and hearing what those around you are saying. Start asking the Lord how He can use you to meet their need. Sometimes,
it will be in the form of a prayer. Sometimes, it will be giving them a book to read on a subject that they need more information about. Or, it might be as simple as making a cake or giving them a hug or a smile. The Spirit of God dwells in you and me to give us the idea of what to do for a person who is crying in the wilderness. Please prepare the way for them.

By Sandra