Michigan Trip

Michigan Trip

In September LaVern and I took off on our Michigan trips. We left Minnesota September 9th and got to our first Mission which was in the upper peninsula of Michigan in a small tucked away city called Gaastra. Mission Bible Training Center in Gaastra was so excited to see us come. They are doing a great deal of remodeling and finished the deck of the apartment we stayed in. We taught on who the Holy Spirit is and His gifts. I also got to visit with the AED and learned what they were planning on doing. They were getting ready for their upcoming banquet and were all excited about that. The banquet is when all the residents that went through the mission and graduated during the past year get their certificates and share what the mission did for them. It is a very exciting event for all of them, including the teachers because we know we had a vital part to play in their training. Partners do too because they send Vern and me.

Our next stop was to visit one of the newest centers called “The Lions Den,” It is in Roscommon, Michigan. The scenery was incredible. (You can see pictures on the NEWS tab in the Missions document.) We came when they were having a yard sale and they were doing quite well on it. At the Yard Sale, they not only give people lots of treasures, but they pray for peoples needs. It was very encouraging to see how they handled their Yard Sales. It was quite amazing how the town came together and donated so many nice items to furnish the living facility.

Vern and I taught on “Who the Holy Spirit is” and the “Benefits of Speaking in Other Tongues.” Several got filled with the Holy Spirit and others who only watch said they felt a presence like they never experienced. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman, but when you start to speak about Him, His presence fills the place. It was a very refreshing time! You made it happen and we so appreciate you all so very much!

Love & Prayers,