Minnesota Trip

Minnesota Trip


Family, Friends, Partners and Visitors:

We appreciate your interest in Word in Life Ministries. LaVern and I usually take three trips a year to all the Mission Teen Centers. We are teaching on Who the Holy Spirit is and what are His Gifts. This year I had a unique learning experience. I became one of the residents at Mission Teens to experience what a resident would actually go through to become closer to God and learn to stay free of their addictions. I enrolled in Midwest Mission Bible Training Center in Cresco, IA January 29, 2018. I was there for a total of 4 months. I was educated on their chain of command and what that was all about, how they live together, and help each other out to stay free. It was very enlightening to say the least! The experience has made me see what needs they really have and how to become a better teacher.Since I was gone from January to the end of May, I had a lot of catch up to do when I got home. We are still working on our web page so please be patient with us. I was also trying to get Youtube up and active, but because of circumstances that were out of our control we weren’t able to get that accomplished this year. We do plan on putting that on the agenda next year.

People ask me all the time what this ministry does, and I would like to take the time to share that with you. As a partner to this ministry, we call you every quarter to pray for any of
your needs. If LaVern and I don’t do it personally one of our trained volunteered staff will be calling you, and they are more than qualified to pray with you for any circumstance. We value all our volunteer staff, without them and our partners we could not exist.

Some of our goals are to be able to put the Gifts of the Spirit and Who the Holy Spirit is on Youtube. We would like to continue publishing books. Our partners help with this cost so we can give them to all the missions free when we visit them. Another goal we have is to be able to pay off Mortgage loans that some of the Missions have. They are
working at being debt free. Being financially free is so liberating and helps you use money that comes in for other causes like building more centers. Word
in Life Ministries believes they are a big part of helping spread the news about the Mission so more of these Missions can be built. We would like to see one in EVERY state including Minnesota! It seems like a tall order, but not for God. For with God, nothing is impossible.

If you feel God calling you to join us on this crusade and free people of addictions, please join us and together we can bring about great results for the kingdom!

In His love,